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The fish trap exists because of the fish. Once you’ve gotten the fish, you can forget the trap. Businesses exist because of scopes & resolutions. Once you’ve an appointment with a BRH consultant, you can forget about mismanagement.

Having started with The Fundamentals of Applied Financial Applications & Corporate Branding, we have successfully governed mastery level implementations in many branches of IT services.

You improve what you pay attention to…

Grant Cardone, CEO 10X

About Us

Let Us Be Your Partners Preferred IT Partner

Business Resolution Hub has optimized systems that deduce your business requirements by simply filling out a form explaining why you feel like your business might not be bringing in expected returns. Be it an online store where you want people to buy through a complete management system or you might need to assimilate your employees’ output & workflow, BRH has got you covered.

Our expert consultants can identify errors or leakages in any business, enterprise, organization, or even a conglomerate to point you in the right direction. Do you want to be a business that gets a mention in top magazines, or a business which people market & boast about you just for being simply outstanding at meeting your deliverables? Let’s set an appointment. We’d love to check out your corporate profile!

Services We Offer

Services That Cater To Your Exact Business Needs

Our services include full-stack development solutions initiated by the project manager assigned to you upon request. The Business Resolution Hub instills pride in its solutions.

Some of our premiums include;

1. Omni & Multi-Channel Commerce Solutions

2. Live Chat Teams for your Business

3. Bulk Emailing & Text Message Marketing

4. CRM Integrations with in-house built CMS & CRM Structures.

5. Online Cart Recoveries

Life is mortal, businesses aren’t….create the sustainable empire you want prevailing!

Ryan Kan, CEO Business Resolution Hub

Our Brands

Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us For Better Information And Services

You’ve come so far reading about our premiums; how about we start where it matters? Provided below is a submission box for our experts to contact you. You can even mention your preferred time to initiate the first meeting.

Perfect Solutions For Your Business

Before you bore yourself scrolling through or googling different options, if you’re looking for a sign to initiate your journey, this is it. Let’s talk to an expert!


General Question

Although we like answering most of our questions live with our experts but here’s an insight into the types of frequently asked concerns raised that we already have the answers to.

Our consumers' quotes vary from business to business for obvious reasons. However, we would still like to provide you with an idea of the most basic website development service (1 landing page) or a social media marketing service being our best sellers. You could get a quote ranging from $200-$5000, respectively. The management service is an add-on service & is charged by our experts according to their billable hours. Speak to an expert now to get a quote!

We support every & all kinds of systems, tools & databases; our geek wizards mostly use Linux OS, Windows OS, Mac OS, fluent in Solidity, JavaScript, PHP, Rust, Golang, Scilla, Python, C Lang, etc.

We accept most payment methods! We usually prefer wire transfers with a screenshot sent to us to dedicate a Project Manager to you effective immediately. Still, if that’s a hassle, we also accept PayPal, Crypto Payments, Apple Wallet, Google Pay, Credit and Debit VISA, Amex, MasterCard, Discover, etc.

You can’t obtain a rabbit without a snare, just like businesses can’t obtain excellence without the Business Resolution Hub.


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